Media Delegation Visit 203rd Arsenal and Witness the Superior Research Results of Armed Forces


(22nd May, Yi-ching Lin, Kaohsiung, Military News Agency)

cope with the future military operation trend in urban territory and elevate camouflage efficiency, R.O.C. armed forces actively devote in the research and development of digital camouflage in recent years. MND invited media to the 203rd Arsenal, Armaments Bureau today to personally witness its self-research and development results on explosives, soldiers’ full-set gears and protection accoutrements which indeed broaden their horizon.

In the company of military spokesman, Major General Shao-he Luo, president of Military News Study Association, Juo-chi Yao lead the military news journalist delegation to personally visit the 203rd and 205th Arsenal, Armaments Bureau for two days. The program includes the tour on explosives, soldiers’ full set gears and research and development on various personal weapon as well as manufacturing procedures for others to see the arsenals’ superior research results in recent two years.

The military journalist delegation firstly visited the 203rd Arsenal, so called the “pushing hands of miraculous Knights with sharp blades”. The venue’s display includes protective helmets, various protective vests, CB-99 waterproof para boots, single tents, multi-functional command tents, navy 5’ SPC gun propellant, Navy Dagaie interference cartridge, anti-ultra rays, anti-heat paint, and various digital camouflage clothing, field backpacks and sports shoes which comprehensively demonstrate the arsenal’s years’ research results.

To follow the scheming of Chinese Academy of Science and Army Command Headquarter, the 203rd Arsenal has completed the research and sewing of digital camouflage clothing. Its air permeability is 60% higher than the current ones, overall disguise camouflage effect also elevates 37% more; the Velcro and folding design also allow soldiers’ easier and faster movement than ever.

The demonstration also presented the key technology of Dagaie interference cartridge via the arsenal’s cooperation with private agencies. Such renovation not only establishes the current ones’ maintenance and the new ones’ assembly capacity, but also save more than three hundred billions N.T. dollars military purchase which greatly elevate the efficacy of national defense self-reliance.

The media delegation will visit the 205th Arsenal tomorrow to see the advanced fire weapon, line-throwing units, and the operational status of cold forging of gun manufacturing. The gun shooting is also organized for visitors to personally experience the arsenal’s capability in research, development and manufacturing of light weapons.