Chikwondo Member Chun-wei Li on her 3rd Cruising Mission Greatest Motivation from Mother’s



(Exclusive Interviewed by Chih-ping Wang, Military News Agency) For Staff Sergeant of Marine Cor

s Chikwondo, Chun-wei Lee who used to make taekwondo demonstration saw her mother come to the demonstration site to encourage her on Mother's Day and could no longer hide her bashfulness and said to her mom in front of media: I love you, mom!

2012 Navy Midshipman Cruising and Training Squadron has arrived Taichung Harbor and held open house program, the demonstration of Marine Corps Chikwondo has been the most attentive one among inauguration activities. The only female member, Chun-wei Lee among the Chikwondo team, who tied a yellow ribbon in her head becomes the focal point to the public.

Born in 1987, the 157cm Chun-wek Lee though looks young and small but is a talented 3rd dan black belt. With hometown in Wufeng Township, Taichung County, Lee couldn't go home and personally expressed her gratitude to her mother because of the 3rd Cruising Mission. However, seeing her mother Ting-ju Chang showed up in the demonstration site made her verjoyed with surprise. Chun-wei Lee kissed her mother in front of cameras at the encouragement of media and showed the rarely seen bashfulness apart from daily tough training. According to Chun-wei Lee, her mother only asked her to fulfil her own duties in Marine Corps and said this would be the best Mother' s Day present for her. Seeing her own only daughter smashed thick wooden board with finger tips, kicked split kicking in the demonstration and her skin was dark because of suntan, Mrs. Lee does not feel sorry or pain for her. “Chun-wei started learning taekwondo since year 4 and that is her interest. After joining Navy, her interest could be put into practice, I feel happy for her. It is just because she joined the Navy so she could apply what she has learnt.” As a mother, Mrs. Lee's words expressed her fully support to her daughter. As a matter of fact, after graduating from National Taichung Agricultural Senior High School, Lee was in sewing business for a short time. She deeply felt that her talent in taekwondo has been a waste and really had no opportunity to apply with; after thorough consideration, she joined volunteer female soldiers with family's fully support. Lee chose to start her military career from Marine Corps Chikwondo. In 5-year time, she has been promoted from Private to Staff Sergeant. Lee said although female do not need to serve compulsory military service but joined the army has been her dream since childhood and taekwondo is her favourite. To be able to apply her talent in taekwondo in the military is simply like dream come true via the channel of national volunteer soldiers' recruitment. Lee emphasized that male and female are equal in the army and they receive same fringe benefit. She hopes young people either male or female, students and fellow men who are serving their mandatory military service could join voluntary soldiers actively and fulfil their own dream.