The troops are actively to improve the service environment and gradually opening up the information equipment to the soldiers.



(By Zhuo Yi-Li, Military News Agency, February 5, 2014, TAICHUNG) Mercenary, is the major transformation work in our military system. The National Defense Department is not only continuous recruiting young people to join the army and encouraging soldiers to continue serving in the camp, but also gradually improve various facilities around the service environment. Take Army armored 586 brigade of the 10th Regiment as an example, this battalion has opend the use of smart phone and established an internet area at the information recreation room to soldiers who can learn the beating of our society when not in training.

The 10th Regiment said, the soldiers apply for the use of smart phone according to the regulations. The authority will inventory all phones and lable with control stickers to facilitae management. As long as it’s not on duty, exercises of personal activities, the soldiers can use for living area to facilitate group network and free communication software to communicate with outside world or network information studies.

The 10th Regiment emphasized, except the opening hour and places, all the sensitive area such as military facilities and situation room are prohibited to carry into relevant devices. Based on the consideration of national security, the mobile phone camera, roaming, Wifi, and memory card are prohibited to use.

The 10th Regiment pointed out, in addition to gradually open up the use of information devices, as in the environmental improvement, the information recreation room set up a television, video games, internet, newspapers and magazines for leisure use. The dormitory is designed for 4-solider per room with single bed, private locker and desk. The soldier can decorate freely to create the HOME atmosphere. This is to hope that the living quality of soldiers can be enhanced and to build up excellent service environment apart from strict combat training.