New Taipei City military service stations see the service draftees off for entering camp and service items guidance.


(By Lee Zhong-Xuan, Military News Agency, February 6, 2014, TAIPEI) The station leader of New Taipei City military service, Tsai Da-Gang go to Banqiao train station today to see the service draftees of Air Force 865 echelon and Army 2177 echelon off for their entering service.He remind them the matter needing attention, explain the humanized management of military carrier and wish them good luck with national military service obligations.

This morning Tsai Da-Gang sees New Taipei City membership draftees off at the Banqiao train station.He explain the current military discipline policy and the situation of activity, training, family visiting and vacations during new recruit’s training.He urges the draftees with an optimistic mind to start a new journey by experiencing team work and dealing with people.

Tsai Da-Gang remind the draftees and their family members, there are many fraud cases nowadays.If you receive any unknown phone call, stay calm and verify first.If you encounter difficulties such as personal emergency or family problems, you may seek assistance from the military service station.