Li Xiang-Zhou approves the dedication of the reserves and encourages to promoting the mercenary policy.



(By Tsai Zong-Heng, Military News Agency, February 11, 2014, XINZHU) The Vice Minister of MND, General Li Xiang-Zhou today hosts “2014 Reservists of Xingzhu Reserve Command Recognition Ceremony”. He encourages the reservists be proud of being our national defense volunteers and assisting on the promotion of recruitment policy, together to support to support our important national policy of military transformation.

The Xinzhu county magistrate Qiu Jing-Chu, Speaker Chen Jian-Xian and Xinzhu’s Military Service Station Shi Shi-Jie are all invited to attend the ceremony held at the Army Armored School this morning. During the ceremony, the Vice Minister Li first grant order for promoted staffs, then award of Merit Reservist, Excellent Guidance Cadres, Annual Merit Cadres and Reserve Cadres Served up to 30 Years for those reservists who dedicated fully at work.

The Vice Minister Li surely approves the sacrifice and dedication of the reservists made for holding the faith and loyalty to the nation even after leaving the army. Always spare no effort to promote the national defense affairs, not only to bring the stability and harmony to our country, but is the basic foundation for social development.

The Vice Minister Li expressed, the soldiers accept discipline training on the go and continuously grow in the transformation, and thus develop special talent and excellent personality traits to rise out of the crowd, this can be invaluable opportunities. While the reserve cadres miss the old days in the service, it is hope to continue holding the faith and sense of duty in country so that the society can continue to grow and such atmosphere and culture can be last, thus the country can develop strongly.

The Vice Minister Li point out, the national defense department is actively to promote mercenary system based on the national policy. There are currently 50 countries around the world have implemented the mercenary system. At first, the implementation is hard but the result is impressive. This is not only prospering in development, economic and well-being of people, but most of all, the troops can focus on training and the combat capability can be more exquisite, such fruitful result is worth expected.

The Vice Minister Li emphasize, we draw valuable experience and knowledge in the implementation of mercenary system from various countries. We actively establish perfect measures, continuous improving soldier’s living facilities, so that they can find out all kinds of possibilities in the future from hard work. At the same time, we ask cadres at all levels to teach all comers without discrimination, to treat each one as our family members, let the soldiers learn and grow without worry.

The Vice Minister Li take the battlefield saying “Facing the enemy as you have half of chance living, but back to the enemy are surely dead” to emphasize the challenge and difficulties in the future. We must be determined, accept the challenge and be brave to face the reality, thus the successful ratio will increase. Plus the hard work and actively preparedness, there is no reason not to be successful.

At the end, the Vice Minister Li expect the reserve fellow to promote the mercenary system as much as they can, so that the army can recruit more talented people to build up national defense force is small but refine, strong and exquisite.