Taoyuan Military Service Station sent draftees off to camp and illustrated the service items.


(By Liu De-Qing, Military News Agency, February 13, 2014, TAIPEI) Mayor He Zheng-Sen of Bade City, Taoyuan County, was accompanied by cadre Sun Yong-An of Taoyuan County Military Service Station to the Bade City Hall today to send draftees of Army 2178 echelon and Army training 011 echelon off to camp. He reminded them the things should be aware, illustrated the human-based management of military life, and also wished them the best to fulfill the national military service obligation.

Mayor He Zheng-Sen said, what we learn during the service about obey and the leadership, will be a great experience in later life. Nowadays, the troops training and discipline are reasonable and human-base management. He hoped that the draftees should grab the chance to have a good physical training, learn to obey, and stay in touch with family as often as possible, so the parents will not be worry. Furthermore, if there is any discomfort or physical problem occurred during the service, draftees shall report immediately, thus the City Hall will do the best to protect draftees’ rights.

Sun Yong-An pointed out that the national military is taking gradual and organized way of training, cadres serve instead of leadership, parents shall not worry the children to the troops. The draftees shall embrace military baptism with optimistic and joyful attitude to fulfill the national military service obligation.

Later, cadre Sun explained each items needing attention at camp and the provisions such as recruit training process, family visiting hour, holidays, military complaints system and counseling draftees and family members in resolving any concerns. If there are any questions or difficulties occurred during the service, could contact military service station directly for assistance.