Xia Li-Yan approves the dedication of the reservists and thankful for the contribution to the national defense.



(By Zhou Sheng-Wei, Military News Agency, February 12, 2014, KEELUNG) The Vice Minister of MND, Xia Li-Yang today host the “2014 Reservists of Keelung Reserve Command of Recognition Ceremony” to thank the reservists for the contribution and hard work to the national defense affairs and disaster relief in the past few years. He expects the reserve fellow continuing to hold the patriotism and a sense of mission as the irreplaceable power to the stable development of nation and society.

The Vice Minister Xia was accompanied by the commander of reserve command, Lieutenant General Bi Xue-Zhong this morning to the recognition ceremony and was welcomed by all the township of Keelung City Service Center staff. The Dragon Lion Dance Group of Keelung Changxin, Master Lu performed "Auspicious Lion Greetings" for kicking off and the 8 students of Cheng Gong Junior High School dance team performed “Auspicious” to off festive atmosphere. Immediately following by the fun competitions and activities such as push-ups PK tournament, the reserve fellow showed the national sports spirit.

During the ceremony, Vice Minister Xia personally granted order for 26 reservists, Sergeant. He also award 77 merit reserve model, excellent coaching cadres, annual merit cadres of various types of work and serve up to 30 years of reserve cadres to praise the devotion of winning staff in the workplace.

The Vice Minister Xia conveyed the affirmation and encouragement of Mr. President Ma Ying-Jeou and Minister of National Defense, Yan Ming to those reservists have dedicated themselves to the national defense affairs.

The Vice Minister Xia said, “Award” is to give affirmation for the reservist’s contribution, but grant “Order” is to add more responsibility. All of these actions are to hope the reserve fellow can continue to support the national defense affairs, refine the preparedness power, and Gather consensus on national defense.

The Vice Minister Xia stressed, the Military is currently in the critical moment of facing defense transformation and promoting mercenary system. It is to hope that the reservists holding the service spirit of Qingxi to unite the reserve military with “A day green creek, lifetime green creek” as the mission to support the government, military policies and to strengthen the mobilization of reserve energy for the country sustainable development efforts.