The National Military adjusted volunteer solider into three training stages to improve the combat power of the troops.




(By Li Yi-Hao, Military News Agency, March 4, 2014, TAIPEI) In compliance with the promotion of mercenary system and weaponry update, the national military gradually adjust and enhance the training method. The national defense department said today, the basic training of volunteer soldier will be adjusted from two stages into three stages in 2015. It will be divided into 1st stage of enrollment training, 2nd stage of specialty training and 3rd stage of advanced combat training, the training course up to 24 weeks or more. This is to refine the combat capacity of volunteer soldier and to enhance the combat power of national military troops for ensuring the security of country.

The General Xu Jian-San, Staff of Training Assistant Minister of MND attend routine press conference of MND this morning. He was aimed at basic training of volunteer soldier to provide a statement. He said that the 1st stage of enrollment training is eight weeks, which focus on learning basic combat skill and build up the military traits when people turn draftee, so they can meet the target of qualified rifleman. Since 2011, we have added swimming training and improved the rifle firing testing standards. In 2014, we have added another project of grenade ball throwing and training camp. First to cut down equipments on foot, then fully armed to achieve the target of marching up to 30 km.

Xu Jian-San pointed out that the 2nd stage of specialty training is up to eight weeks or more. This is to bring up the military expertise in accordance with the military traits and the branch of the army to implement the training in order to achieve the goal of qualified expertise soldier. Meanwhile, to increase the firing time, to improve expertise training intensity and difficulty, as well as the basic skills training of being qualified instructors in order to achieve the goal of refinery training.

Xu Jian-San further said that the 3rd stage of advanced combat training is eight weeks. This is to prepare the volunteer soldier with combat performance capacity before assigning to specific troops to reduce the basic training load of company. In order to become a professional combatant, the soldiers will be trained by branch of the army after the specialty training is over. The training project is distinguished between Army (including military police) of comprehensive fighting, sniper, assault, landing, urban warfare, combat vehicle driving training and various weapons shooting; and Navy and Air Force, the implementation of advanced repair training, defensive combat, base protection and service operations.

Xu Jian-San stressed that the MND is upholding the refinery policy of continuing with strict and hard requirement to improve the training intensity and difficulty of training in order to ensure the national defensive combat power, thus to achieve the goal of a modern army and defending national security.