The Minister Yan honored Wang Tian-De for the performance of military service promotion.

(By Li Yi-Hao, Military News Agency, March 14, 2014, TAIPEI) Yan Ming, Minister of National Defense Department today awarded Wang Tian-De, Bureau Chief of Resources Planning who is about to be transferred, Fourth Medal in recognition of his dedication and outstanding performance to the application of national defense resources and military service promotion during the service at the MND.

The Minister Yan was accompanied by General Gao Guang-Qi, Army Chief of Staff, General Liao Rong-Xin of Deputy Chief and Executive Officer, and Chief of each Company of MND to attend the award giving ceremony.

The Minister Yan said, Resources Planning Bureau had completed various innovative works which showed remarkable results under the guidance of Chief Wang, such as military service law and enforcement regulation relative to the mercenary system, voluntary service ordinance amendment, the adjustment of voluntary service raising salaries and geographical raising, military pension system reform plan and the military force structure adjustment.

The Minister Yan expected Chief Wang, who is about to be transferred to Veterans Affairs Council, to be the bridge of MND and Veterans Affairs Council and continuously assisting the council to help retired fellow for schooling or working in order to complete the benefits of the retired officers and soldiers, and together to promote mercenary system in the future.

Furthermore, Minister Yan issued a letter of appointment to Mr. Chen Yuan-Xiong, former Chief of Integration Assessment Bureau, as a Defense Department Advisory Committee. He expected with his expertise and sophisticated learning on the defense affairs and integration assessment to continuously providing suggestions to our national military.

Minister Yan pointed out that former Chief Chen not only had great contribution to building up Military also had completed the major Defense Review Reports during his 4-year service, successfully promoted the exchanges with other countries’ think tank, as well to implement the analysis and review on the major system establishment, weaponry equipment model simulation and assessment.