The Midshipman Cruising & Training Squadron visit Tainan Anping Harbor, folks wish them a successful voyage.

(By Liu Yu-Ran, Military News Agency, March 18, 2014, KAOHSIUNG) 2014 Midshipman Cruising & Training Squadron, ROC NAVY launched 2-day ship visit at Anping Harbor today and were warmly welcomed by Tainan folks. Not only students offered flowers and blessing, the local leaders and villagers also gave them a warm welcome.

This year Midshipman Cruising & Training Squadron, ROC NAVY will visit seven local harbors around the island, Anping harbor is the second stop. This squadron, composed by Kunming, Ziyi and Wuyi warship, berthed yesterday after a brief refit, each ship hanging ornaments of traditional salute early this morning to pay tribute to local guests.

The Midshipman Cruising & Training Squadron held the Anping harbor visiting ceremony. There were 12 students from Deguang Catholic High School offered flowers to the officers and soldiers of Midshipman Cruising & Training Squadron for their arrival.

Mr. Lai Qing-De, Mayor of Tainan, at the welcoming speech said that to defend the country is the mission of a soldier, as well their duty bound. He expressed sincere welcome to the officers and soldiers on behalf of local and community. Especially the captain is also the fellow children made people proud. The mayor is very supportive to the goodwill visit to each harbor around the island so that the public have the opportunity to expose to the national defense affairs. It will not only bring people support on the defense and military, but to strengthen national power and combat capability are indeed helpful. He also wishes them have a successful mission.

At the meeting, the Naval Academy transformed formation under the student band playing, the awe-inspiring Honor Guard performed fancy rifle exhibition drill, and the last program was shown by the profound break combat skills of Naval boxing team members. Their superb, excellent performance won the warm applause from the crowd.

After the drill, groups of local school and folk line up in front of 3rd warship entrance for visiting. The officers presented the training results to the crowd through the introduction and description, to let people know more about the importance of national security, deepening national defense awareness.

(Source: Military News Agency ; Date: March 18, 2014)