Mr. Xia Li-Yan inspect Army Headquarters and Aviation to understand the combat readiness


By Guo Jia-Liang, Military News Agency, April 24, 2014, TAOYUAN

Mr. Xia Li-Yan, Vice Minister of National Defense, today inspected Army troops in Taoyuan.He was on behalf of Defense Minister Yen Min to comfort soldiers for the hard works put into combat training readiness, to understand regular and wartime mission of each unit and recent work focus which can be the reference for defense policy.

Vice Minister Xia was accompanied by Lieutenant General Zhu Yu-Shu, Vice Chief of Staff, to Army Headquarter then to Aviation 601st Brigade this morning for listening mission briefing.He also inspected all models of helicopter weaponry and affirmed the efforts to reinforce national defense combat capabilities.The specialist illustrated for Vice Minister the various stages of a major Army history, witness the glorious history of Huangpu Military Academy passed on till today.Vice Minister Xia listened to Aviation pilots introducing OH-58D, AH-1W and AH-64E helicopters and other configured weaponry performance, thus to understand its combat capability and tactical achievement.

Army is a modern troop with long and glorious tradition, pointed out by Vice Minister Xia.The work efficiency and enthusiasm showed by soldiers were obvious to superiors at all levels.He expected all fellows based on these excellent fundamentals to continuously build up combat force and create a brand new image of National Military to live up to the expectations of the people.

According to the achievements of manpower hunting, Vice Minister stressed that National Military launched from three directions of Treatment, Dignity and Employment to strengthen the mercenary system measures.By improving living environment and optimizing internal management to increase the ratio of soldier stayed in camp.Each unit shall actively hold all kinds of recruiting activity through marketing methods of campaign ads and camp tour.Let every industry has further understand about our military transformation, and then to attract high-quality personnel into the military for strengthening the overall defensive capabilities.