Gao Guang-Qi: to establish a safe and secure environment and to improve physical training results.





(By Li Yi-Hao, Military News Agency, March 3, 2014, TAOYUAN) The National Defense Department held 2014 “Improve Physical Training & Strength Heatstroke Prevention and Sports Injuries Workshop”. The Army Chief of Staff, General Gao Guang-Qi encouraged cadres at all level shall understand the training and each one shall know how to train by deriving from correct training knowledge and method, establishment of a safe and secure environment as well as fixing up high quality training culture to improve troops training results.

The workshop was held in the morning at the Army Academy and the attendees were General Yan De-Fa of Army Commander, General Chen Yong-Kang of Navy Commander, General Qiu Guo-Zheng of President of National Defense University, the Department of defense in charge of joint participation, and the northern forces army sergeant and leading cadres at all levels.

This workshop invited Dr. Xu Tai-Ge, Sports Training Institute, University of Taipei and Dr. of NEPH Zhan Zheng-Xiong, Taoyuan Armed Forces General Hospital to deliver a thematic seminar. Let cadres at all levels able to learn correct concept and relevant knowledge through professional advice in both field of movement and medical. Then, plan and implement systematically physical training, so can effectively prevent the risk of security incidents.

While Chief of Staff Gao delivered speech, he expressed special thanks to the instructors for generous lecturing. He encouraged that cadres learn the correct way of physical training, weight control and heatstroke prevention through this professional seminar, so all military officers and men can strengthen proper concept of security & risk prevention and weight control.

Chief of Staff indicated cadres at all level not only work hard at work, but shall be self-disciplined to play a leading role in the troops training, so that every officers and men build up good habit of independent training and better environment.

Furthermore, Chief of Staff also reminded that leading cadres at all levels shall realize the safety is a key to successful training. Being a modern military cadre should put aside the old management pattern, adopt the new idea and lead subordinates by action. And holding the risk management concept of "Prevention is better than post-processing" to be aware of hazard and incidents in an early stage, to ensure the security of soldiers and troops combat power, and to create a "fine, strong, exquisite" troops.